International Workshop

Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays
--- Experiments, Theories and Future direction ---

Institute for Cosmic Ray Research / University of Tokyo

March 22-23, 2001
at ICRR Kashiwa Campus
6F Lecture Hall

Our proceedings book is announced to be published on the publisher's web page . Supplement B to J.Phys.Soc.Jpn. Vol.70 (2001)

Viewgraphs and Proceedings are available from the program page.
LaTeX style file for contribution papers (Deadline is the end of June.):

An International Workshop on EHE cosmic rays will be held at March 22-23, 2001 in Japan. The aim of this workshop is to review the experimental results, theories for their origin and propagation on EHE cosmic rays and we will discuss the future projects: Telescope Array, Auger, EUSO and OWL.

Workshop Information:

  1. Title and Abstract
    The speakers should send the title of the talk and abstract to secretariat( ) as soon as possible.
  2. The Conference Fee and Party Fee.
    The registration fee and dinner party fee are 2,000 yen and 4,000 yen, respectively. Dinner party will be held at campus cafeteria in the evening of 22 March.
    (For foreign guests) Since there is no bank near the campus, we strongly recommend you to exchange money at Tokyo-Narita Airport.
  3. Accomodation
    The number of rooms in campus dormitory is limited. The rooms for guests from foreign countries are reserved in the campus dormitory with high priority. For domestic guests, rooms are reserved in dormitory and in the Plaza hotel near the Kashiwa JR-station. These arrangement should be done by the workshop secretariat. You should check your room reservation status in the participants list .
    (For dormitory guests) You need to receive the room key at Teshima's office. Please knock the room 304 (3rd floor south-east corner) in ICRR building.
    If you want to spend some lovely days in Tokyo after the workshop, please, let us know, and we will arrange additional hotel reservations and local transportation for you.
  4. Proceedings
    Proceedings will be published as a volume of JPSJ (Journal of Physics Society Japan) supplement after the workshop. The deadline for the submission of the article is the end of June. LaTex style file is distributed later.
  5. Arrival to Tokyo-Narita Airport and ICRR Kashiwa campus (for foreign guests)
    You can see the access to the ICRR Kashiwa campus in this web page .
    Please send us your exact and complete flight information as soon as possible. If you need an escort, someone from ICRR -members, carrying the Workshop poster, will meet you at Tokyo-Narita airport upon your arrival. Please request. In case of emergency, please call secretariat (Teshima's mobil phone 090-9105-1799, or 0471-36-3131 and 0471-36-5130).
  6. e-mail and internet connection service.
    We will prepare lecturer's rooms in 6F floor. Some Windows-PCs and network connection ports are available there. It's a nice idea to bring your Laptop PC, you can connect your PC to the 10/100BaseT switching hub. DHCP server is working there.
  7. Presentation
    Over Head Projectors and LCD (full XGA-mode) projectors are available in the conference room. If you have any technical questions on LCD projectors, please contact with Secretariat (
  8. Copy of your viewgraphs
    Please bring one copy of your viewgraphs (color is better). They will be scanned digitally and presented on web-page. If you prepare your viewgraphs with power-point, please send your ppt file or converted jpeg files to secretariat. The best way is to put your ppt file on your web-page and give us that address, then we will link your web-page from workshop web-page.


  • EHE Cosmic Ray experimental results
    Yakutsk, AGASA, HiRes, etc.
  • Astronomical Observations (Especially High Energy phenomena)
    X-ray observations
    AGN, GRB, Colliding Galaxy etc.
    Magnetic field in the intergalactic space
  • Theories on EHE Cosmic Ray origin
    Acceleration in AGN, GRB, etc.
    Top Down models(T.D. decay, Super Heavy Relics)
    Violation of Special Relativity
  • Air Shower Simulation
    Gamma Ray Showers, Neutrino Showers, Interactions
  • Next generation Projects
    Telescope Array, Pierre-Auger, EUSO, OWL

M.Teshima, M.Fukushima, P.Sokolsky, Y.Totsuka, M.Nagano, T.Kifune, M.Yoshimura, and T.Ebisuzaki

M.Teshima, M.Takeda and R.Torii
Tel & Fax +81-471-36-3131
Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo
Kashiwanoha5-1-5, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-8582, Japan

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(December 01, 2001)